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Heinz Peri Peri Chicken Wings

Peri Peri & Honey Glazed Chicken Wings

I know, I know, a chicken recipe on Cate in the Kitchen, it does seem out of place. But the reason I’ve never described myself as a vegetarian is because, actually, I’m not. By and large, I steer away from meat when I’m thinking about what to have for dinner. However, I tend to go through phases every now and then of eating meat more regularly, and I’m on a real chicken trip right now. There are actually two more chicken posts coming up this month so if you’re into that, stick around. This particular recipe is coming at you from Heinz, the sponsor of this blog post. I had literally no idea that Heinz made Peri-Peri sauce until they sent me this recipe, and it’s really tasty – just as good as the one you might find at a certain restaurant famous for Peri-Peri chicken.. The recipe was originally designed for the BBQ, but I don’t have one of those, so I’ve tweaked it to make it oven-suitable. When it comes to finding chicken wings, …