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Spaghetti with Feta, Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Pine Nuts

Spaghetti with Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Feta and Pine Nuts

I have once again allowed months to pass without giving anything I’ve cooked its rightful immortal home on my actual blog. In my defence, I’ve moved house and had probably at least two quarter life crises in the time since I was last here. I’m now fully settled in a little caravan in the Kentish countryside and therefore hope I might find myself back into the swing of properly transcribing anything I knock up that might be of use to you, on an at least semi-regular basis. If I continue to fall short, remember you can always find me on the social media profiles linked at the bottom of this post. This recipe is one I’ve made three or four times over the last month or so, and eaten on my front step in the evening sunshine (or, more often, at my kitchen table staring out at the rain). It’s very quick, nice and substantial and just tastes good. I’d not usually try and police the quality of a particular ingredient you use, but I …