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Vegan Pizza Cheese Review

So Just How Bad Is Vegan Cheese..?

Last year when I took part in Veganuary, I just didn’t try hard enough. I didn’t bother to seek out things like actually tasty tofu recipes and, more importantly, I neglected entirely the world of vegan cheese. Having looked much more closely this year at what’s out there in terms of plant based “cheeses”, I think my end resolution will probably be to make my own using nuts – that said, I haven’t tried that yet, so don’t hold me to it. The reason for this is: there’s a bunch of crap in vegan cheese. For me the whole point of temporarily adapting plant based diet is to ditch unnecessarily processed foods and go for whole ingredients that are unlikely to piss off my brain or digestive system. Vegan cheese ingredients are all small print and lengthy and kind of gross-looking. I haven’t done any real research into any of them because the Internet is full of annoying scaremongers, so correct me if all the processes and ingredients behind your average pretend cheese is sound, but you …