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Dairy Free Dark Chocolate, Almond and Cherry Cookies

Dark Chocolate, Cherry and Almond Cookies (Dairy Free)

This is not a recipe for leftover easter eggs, I cannot stress this enough. I firmly believe that leftover easter eggs are a mythical creature, I’ve never seen one myself nor have any of my friends. I have a weird cousin that says she once found one at the back of a cupboard but she’s kind of an exile and nobody trusts her. This is, however, a useful recipe to employ when you get bored of eating egg shaped chocolate – and depending on how keenly you made use of the 3 for Β£10 offer at like all supermarkets, this may happen relatively quickly. In my mind, this recipe started out vegan. I was all like “ooh I’ll find a vegan egg replacement for cookies and we’ll take it from there” but then I realised the chocolate egg I was using wasn’t vegan friendly, so I figured I might as well use an egg and tackle vegan cookies another day. The chocolate egg I used, FYI, was the Lindt excellence darkΒ – it actually has milk …