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Lemon + Garlic Baby Potatoes on Cate in the Kitchen

Lemon + Garlic Baby Potatoes (plus an infused oil giveaway)

Rapeseed oil is something I haven’t given enough attention to – both on this blog and in my actual life. So when the opportunity arose to get together with Borderfields and get the stuff right up in my grill (and yours), I totes grabbed it.  The main reason I really want to explore rapeseed oil more in my cooking is the fact that it’s produced here in the UK. I like the fact that there’s a 0.001% chance that I’ve walked through the field that produced the oil I use to cook my dinner, you know? image: nekonomania Many feel that rapeseed oil is a healthier choice to olive oil. I’m reluctant to jump on that train because the endless research papers and opinion pieces on the health benefits of and comparisons between each of them just make my brain hurt. For me, it’s something I want to start using alongside my beloved olive oil in the kitchen. The most exciting thing for me about the Borderfields range is their infused oils. They’ve got an awesome …