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Abel & Cole Vegetarian Recipe Box Review

Review | Abel & Cole Vegetarian Recipe Box

Recipe boxes just keep getting more and more popular. The more I try, the more I can see why. You all know that I pretty much live to cook at home. It’s my thing, I love it, I get antsy if I haven’t been in the kitchen all day. However, planning what to cook can be a ballache – especially if you’ve recently started getting a weekly shop delivered again because you’re too lazy to carry bags back from Lewes Road Sainsbury’s a couple times a week (glares at self). What recipe boxes can do for you is keep the joy in cooking, but take away the life admin bit that involves actually doing stuff outside of the kitchen to make dinner happen. This week, we’re taking a closer look at Abel & Cole‘s Veggie Box. At £33 for 3 meals, it’s on pretty much exactly the same wave length as other boxes I’ve tried price-wise – but how do those meals stack up against competition? These flatbreads with “smashed chickpeas” (houmous, we all know …

The Union at The Gladstone, Brighton, Review

Review | Union Grill at The Gladstone

Guys I’m really sorry that I only ever review takeaway restaurant food, I promise that this year I will start eating out more and taking pictures in daylight every now and then that don’t completely suck. I figure you’d rather know about these places and cope with the fact that not all my blog posts are pornos than not know about them at all, right? I’ll do better, I’m working on it, bear with me. The Gladstone is one of my favourite pubs in Brighton for its gorgeous garden (the place to be on a sunny afternoon) and not horrifically busy or slow bar. It’s a diamond in the rough-around-the-edges vibe Lewes Road has held on to that London Road has been desperately trying to escape these past few years. Despite it being a lovely place to pop down to, I didn’t actually leave my threshold to finally give Union Grill a try.. There were three reasons for this: 1 – It was Monday. 2 – Deliveroo had very kindly given me £20 credit so that I …

Purezza Brighton Review

Review | Purezza, NEW Vegan Pizza Joint in Brighton

Purezza set up shop on St. James St last year with the intention of feeding hungry vegans and omnivores alike with their 100% plant based pizzas. Whilst other pizzerias in the UK are starting to cotton on to the vegan market, Purezza is the country’s only totally vegan pizza joint. They could be getting a pretty heavy amount of business based on this fact alone, but it just so happens that they’re churning out pretty decent grub t00. When reading their menu, what strikes me the most is the sheer creativity with which they’ve approached building their pizzas. There are some really cool ideas going on there that I’d never seen before (see: nacho pizza, more on it below) and everything you might expect to see on your average pizza menu is totally covered. Garlic bread, salad, decadent desserts, it’s all there. The folks at Purezza are a great bunch, and if you have any questions about the world of vegan pizza I’m sure they’d be happy to help you – you can give them …