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Saba Thai Vegan Takeaway in Brighton Review

Sabai Thai (Vegan Takeaway) Review

Quick note: I apologise for the poor quality of photography in this post, it’s dark at night time, my kitchen is poorly lit, life is what it is. I thought you could handle crappy photographs for the sake of finding out what a vegan takeaway is like. Last night I felt a bit miserable. Lacking in both desire to go out and shop for food and creativity to rustle something up from the bizarre ingredients that I had floating around, it was time to make good on my promise to try the vegan side of the Sabai Thai menu. You guys know I’m a bit rubbish at writing about food that I didn’t cook, it’s just not my jam, but I’m hoping you’ll get the gist. Ruam Mit Shub Pang Tord (Thai Tempura), Β£4.95Β  My god these veggies were good. I’m going to ask Emily if she can teach me how to do the whole tempura batter thing so that I can eat this exact thing again ASAP. The veg wasn’t mushy at all, particularly …