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The Union at The Gladstone, Brighton, Review

Review | Union Grill at The Gladstone

Guys I’m really sorry that I only ever review takeaway restaurant food, I promise that this year I will start eating out more and taking pictures in daylight every now and then that don’t completely suck. I figure you’d rather know about these places and cope with the fact that not all my blog posts are pornos than not know about them at all, right? I’ll do better, I’m working on it, bear with me. The Gladstone is one of my favourite pubs in Brighton for its gorgeous garden (the place to be on a sunny afternoon) and not horrifically busy or slow bar. It’s a diamond in the rough-around-the-edges vibe Lewes Road has held on to that London Road has been desperately trying to escape these past few years. Despite it being a lovely place to pop down to, I didn’t actually leave my threshold to finally give Union Grill a try.. There were three reasons for this: 1 – It was Monday. 2 – Deliveroo had very kindly given me £20 credit so that I …