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Chicken Wings at The Orange Buffalo at The Joker

Review | Lunchtime Wings at The Joker

Last Wednesday night, I drank two bottles of wine and got about three hours sleep. On Thursday, I wasn’t feeling or looking so hot. Thanks to the magical powers of make up and my increasing ability to put together actual adult outfits that don’t involve sportswear, I managed to leave the house for my lunch date and generally be in public in an acceptable way despite my killer hangover. I think what I found in the pub that day was a real life hangover cure. FYI – sub par photography game in this post, I get the shakes real bad when I’m hungover (not kidding, so so bad) and I was borrowing my friend’s phone to take them because mine is broken. Not that I’m a total mess or anything. I’d been gagging to try this lunch deal at The Orange Buffalo (kitchen situation down at The Joker) since I saw Rosie and Jenna banging on about it a few weeks back, they really made that chicken look good. After I paid a little bit more attention to …