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Crepes a La Creme De Marrons

Pancake Day is at last mere days away. On February 28th, it’s finally time to grab a whisk the moment you come home from work and whip up a batch of battery goodness. I’ve had some pretty killer pancake ideas in my time (I think my favourite will always be last years marzipancakes) but this year, I decided to take inspiration from my recent trip to Dieppe, France. In Dieppe, there was an outdoor crepe stall almost every few paces. They were made fresh outside restaurants, cafes and dessert joints, and creme de marrons was on every menu. Creme de marron (which I, of course, had to use Google Translate to decipher when I first saw it) means chestnut paste. This, it turns out, is incredibly easy to make. Vacuum packed cooked chestnuts (I had a packet in the house leftover from Christmas) are boiled gently with sugar, water and vanilla for about half an hour. The chestnuts go into a blender with a little of the syrup at a time until you reach a …


Dieppe #2 

Today is my 22nd birthday. I’ll miss 21, it had a lovely ring to it. However, I’ve nothing to complain about. I saw in this new year of my life in a beautiful little French town with Tom, and the sun shone for me all day.  I was desperate to have coffee and croissants for my birthday breakfast, so we were out of bed early on the hunt. We found what I think will end up being my favourite place in Dieppe. La Mie Câline is a little cafe with no indoor seating but plenty of room to sit outside. They serve breakfast pastry in delightful variety, plus gorgeous patisserie and fresh bread – and the coffee is to die for. We ordered two cafe creme (a shot of espresso and just a little hot frothy milk) and two almond croissants. The coffee was heavenly and the almond croissants were exactly what I was hoping for. Breakfast came to just €5.  Bargain of the trip so far. If the price and quality of food doesn’t …


Dieppe #1

For those unaware, me and Tom have snuck off to France for a few days to celebrate his birthday (today), my birthday (tomorrow) and Valentine’s Day (Tuesday). The birthday boy is currently having a quick post-eclair nap, so I thought I’d take this moment to post my first ever travel blog. Yesterday morning, we set off from Newhaven Harbour on the Seven Sisters ferry and drank (£3.30 a pint!?), then napped, our way through the four hour journey across the sea. As a huge fan of boats, I lost my shit a little bit when we boarded this enormous one and disappeared out to sea. It was really comfortable on board, plenty of open space to wander about in, plenty of comfy chairs to settle down in and gorgeous views to gaze at. When we arrived in France, we wandered out of the port and went completely the wrong way in search of our air bnb. We came out of that situation with a great story involving Tom scaling a sort of cliff with my …