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Udon Noodle Soup with Cavalo Nero and Radishes

Hearty Udon Noodle Soup with Cavalo Nero and Radishes

If you master the art of making a basic vegetable soup from store cupboard staples, you’re well on the way to surviving autumn and winter without so much as a scratch on you. They’re so simple, and once you get the gist of them, you can start to get really creative with your flavours – or make use of all those fridge leftovers you never know what to do with. My general rule of thumb is: carrot, onion and celery to start, caramelised really slowly to bring out all their glorious flavours for a delicious broth, followed by stock. Then the world is my oyster. I usually just throw in whichever vegetables I have to hand and hope they all come together nicely, plus some tiny pasta shapes or noodles. This never takes longer than 40 minutes door to door, and always yields something reliably comforting. Todays extra veg combination (cavalo nero and radishes) are present for two reasons. The first is because cavalo nero is my favourite leafy green, it’s so hardy and wintry …