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Vegan Creamy, Garlicky, Lemony, Green Pasta Sauce on Cate in the Kitchen

Vegan Creamy, Garlicky, Lemony, Green Pasta Sauce

I have made this pasta dish twice this week because it’s superย easy and it makes me feel smug to eat two types of greens in one go. It’s also a pretty great go-to for me because each of these 5 ingredients are things that I almost always have in.ย  The pictures I’ve managed to get of this recipe are just not ideal, but my desire to share it with you overpowers my desire to look like I take really great pictures of food so whatever. Here we are. I should warn you that the 1 garlic clove in this sauce is raw, and therefore packs a punch both flavour-wise and odour-wise. If you’re not into that, just go ahead and skip it. Personally, I love it. And raw garlic is increds good for you, so that’s why it’s in there. You’ll notice that I’m using soya cream again (I used it in my squash pasta sauce last week). There’s been a carton of the stuff in my fridge at all time throughout Veganuary, I will …

Vegan Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce

Vegan Roasted Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce

One of my most popular and most cooked (to my knowledge) recipes to date is my roasted butternut squash pasta sauce. I turn to it frequently when I want something cosy, filling and, you know, orange. It can’t be just me that truly craves orange food in autumn and winter. Whilst delicious, my original recipe is completely inappropriate for Veganuary. It relies on parmesan and wensleydale for its extra creaminess and delicious flavour. I couldn’t bear to think of the month of January without this dinner in it, so I thought I might as well veganise it. I’ve put two new friends to work in this recipe, so from a novelty perspective this is a total dream for me. First new buddy: nutritional yeast. If you’re not sure what that is, there’s a post on the Whole Foods blog that might help if you’re interested, but essentially it’s a thingie that looks a bit like fish food that vegans add to sauces and nuts to make them taste cheesy. Does it actually taste cheesy? Nah. …