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My First All Vegan Food Shop

My First All Vegan Food Shop

Welcome to 2016! Feeling refreshed and ready to take on a whole new year? Nope, me neither. Let’s try the best we can anyway, shall we? I thought I’d kick off Veganuary by showing you my first vegan food shop of the challenge. Not as an example as such, but perhaps a point of reference or inspiration or whatever the hell you feel like taking from it. Stick around after the list to see what I’m planning for the groceries I picked up, and what I couldn’t get hold of that I’m going to have to try and find elsewhere.. Spinach – £1 Animal pasta shapes (yep) – 90p Chestnut mushrooms – £2 Avocados (2 packs of 2) – £3.60 Sweet + salty popcorn – £1 Ready-to-eat puy lentils (2 packs) – £4 Cashews (2 packs) – £1.50 Baked beans – 24p Oreos – £1.08 3 loose bananas – 36p Frozen mango chunks – £2 Crumpets – 50p Almond milk – £1.40 Jus-Rol puff pastry sheet – £1.50 Tomato puree – 50p 4 cans chopped tomatoes …