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New Vegan Quorn Burgers

What’s the deal with the new vegan Quorn burgers?

I don’t know how well versed you lot are on the topic of Quorn. In case you didn’t know: up until very recently, Quorn products were only suitable for vegetarians, not vegans. It did always seem a little nonsensical to have such a huge meat alternative company not cater to that audience but they’ve now officially jumped on the bandwagon with their new range. A new line has been added, clearly marked vegan, and stacked into the freezer at your local supermarket (or Waitrose and Asda, at least). I thought it was my duty to give one of them a try and report back, seeing as I’m now your new vegan correspondent. (Despite the fact that I’m 100% grossed out by most of their stuff, I’m looking at you fake chicken pieces). To set the scene: I had one for breakfast this morning (for the third time). Today I made it a little fancier because I knew I’d be showing you lot I’d just die if you thought I was basic. Standard burger bun, Alpro …