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Purezza Brighton Review

Review | Purezza, NEW Vegan Pizza Joint in Brighton

Purezza set up shop on St. James St last year with the intention of feeding hungry vegans and omnivores alike with their 100% plant based pizzas. Whilst other pizzerias in the UK are starting to cotton on to the vegan market, Purezza is the country’s only totally vegan pizza joint. They could be getting a pretty heavy amount of business based on this fact alone, but it just so happens that they’re churning out pretty decent grub t00. When reading their menu, what strikes me the most is the sheer creativity with which they’ve approached building their pizzas. There are some really cool ideas going on there that I’d never seen before (see: nacho pizza, more on it below) and everything you might expect to see on your average pizza menu is totally covered. Garlic bread, salad, decadent desserts, it’s all there. The folks at Purezza are a great bunch, and if you have any questions about the world of vegan pizza I’m sure they’d be happy to help you – you can give them …

Perfect Skinny Parsnip Fries

Perfect Skinny Parsnip Fries

So far, I’ve been very good and given you vegan recipes that count as whole, entire, filling meals. We’ve eaten breakfast together, put on a Mexican spread and gorged ourselves on creamy carbs. Today, we snack on fries. Because balance. These are amazing as an irresponsible lunch, and they go perfectly crispy if cut thin enough without needing to be deep fried. I’ve got no aversion to eating deep fried anything, but I’m scared to actually having to do deep frying. I’ve never done it before, I don’t think I’ve got the right kind of oil in, or the tools to get thingies out of the pan once they’re ready and oh god isn’t it just easier to cook things in the oven? I think they’d be very delicious served next to a gorgeous vegan burger. I’m currently exploring the perfect vegan burger, making notes here and there to hopefully bring you a blog post with tips on creating one. Perhaps it’ll happen, perhaps it won’t. You never can tell with me. How will you serve …

Vegan Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce

Vegan Roasted Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce

One of my most popular and most cooked (to my knowledge) recipes to date is my roasted butternut squash pasta sauce. I turn to it frequently when I want something cosy, filling and, you know, orange. It can’t be just me that truly craves orange food in autumn and winter. Whilst delicious, my original recipe is completely inappropriate for Veganuary. It relies on parmesan and wensleydale for its extra creaminess and delicious flavour. I couldn’t bear to think of the month of January without this dinner in it, so I thought I might as well veganise it. I’ve put two new friends to work in this recipe, so from a novelty perspective this is a total dream for me. First new buddy: nutritional yeast. If you’re not sure what that is, there’s a post on the Whole Foods blog that might help if you’re interested, but essentially it’s a thingie that looks a bit like fish food that vegans add to sauces and nuts to make them taste cheesy. Does it actually taste cheesy? Nah. …