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In which I finally jump on the fermented foods train

So I’ve had this book lying around next to the sofa, by my bed and at the dinner table for a good month now, it’s called fermented foods for vitality & health by Dunja Gulin and it’s looking a little a lot more dog-eared and weatherbeaten than when it first arrived. I’m pretty fascinated with it.

Fermented foods have been trying to claw their way onto my radar since the Internet made kimchi cool, and I’m super behind on this, Buzzfeed have been banging on about it since like 2013. But, now that this book has given me its insight into both the history and the health benefits of fermenting, I’m officially on the bandwagon.

Fermented Foods

Did you know that fermented foods are considerably easier to digest than those same foods eaten raw? I’m guessing you probably did because I started out embarrassingly uninformed, but it was new to me. There’s a lot of cool stuff to learn if you can get past phrases like “live enzymes” being used whilst thinking about food (yes, I know, I’m juvenile, just deal).

Basically, I can’t wait until the next lazy, rainy weekend comes my way. I’m gonna be rocking some sterilised jars and getting my fermentation on in a big way (make sure you follow me on Instagram if you don’t want to miss that party). Also, dare I make plant-based cream cheese? Jury’s still out on that one.

Fermented Foods

I kinda feel healthier just for reading this book, I don’t know whether its all that neutral coloured wood its photographed on (nifty photography is by Toby Scott, by the way) or constantly seeing words like “kefir” and “probiotic”, but something’s done the trick.

If you can’t spring for a new recipe book right now but still wanna jump on that kimchi train with me (let’s be super late together, shall we?) there’s a recipe from The Kitchen here.

What’s your deal with fermented foods? Love? Hate? Never experienced? Let me know in the comments…

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  1. I’ve been thinking about trying some fermented foods at home too but I’ve chickened out so far. Looking forward to reading how yours goes.

    I live the idea of reading about healthy foods actually making you healthier. I wander if it really works!

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