Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday

I’m about to eat cold Chinese food for brunch. Is it OK to call it brunch when it’s not at all fancy? I hope so. Here’s some stuff.

In the kitchen

Plastic Cheese on Toast

Chips and Cheese and Gravy

It’s been a real week for plastic cheese. I refuse to apologise. I’ve been incredibly unsophisticated, all week, it’s been relentless. Plastic cheese on toast, plastic cheese melted into wraps, plastic cheese in burgers, I’m 100% killing it in the plastic cheese arena. The packet is gone and I won’t be replacing it for fear of starting an unhealthy relationship with the stuff, but it was fun while it lasted.

I made chips and poured onion gravy and cheese all over them on Saturday. It was a high point of my weekend and my life.

Out of the kitchen

Chilli Nachos at The Hanover Pub


I had two amazing meals out this week because apparently I’m fancy now. The first pictured is chilli beef nachos at The Hanover, one of my locals, it was delicious if a little too spicy for me (a reflection of my pussycattery as opposed to their seasoning skills), the second is chicken wings at The Orange Buffalo. A review of that chicken is on it’s way next week, so look out for it. It blew my mind.

Lady Chatterley's Lover

Finally reading everyone’s favourite saucy book. I’m not that far in yet and I’m struggling to adjust to the language (because, you know, millenial) but I’ve made a start and I’m determined to stick it out. Let me know what you think of it if you’ve read it…

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  1. Hi Cate! You can get date syrup in Taj (Western Rd), Infinity, Hisbe, or the Turkish shop on Lewes Road (between the Co-op and Sainsbury’s, on the same side). All those places also sell vegan cheese if you’re still after it ever, and gram (chickpea) flour, along with lots of other specialist ingredients you may not yet know what to do with… 😉

  2. claire says

    In my view a far better D.H.Lawrence is Sons and Lovers. One of my favourite books and I thoroughly recommend it. Far less sauce though, if that’s what you’re after.

    • I’m always after sauce tbh. I will check out Sons and Lovers though, in desperate need of reading material that is guaranteed to not use the word “lol” or the phrase “on fleek” because I feel for my brain.

  3. Trisha Austin says

    Those out of the kitchen photos catches my eyes, those chicken wings makes me crave for food at this moments. grrrr! Anyways, thank you for sharing your Sunday experience.

  4. I had actually totally forgotten all about plastic cheese! Now I’m thinking up loads of new ways to eat it, I’m very excited. I read Lady Chatterly last year and was fairly disappointed with it-I think it’s been over-hyped and not my favourite but worth reading to make up your own mind I reckon. Enjoy!

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