Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday

As I write this; it’s a Saturday, I didn’t go out last night so my brain is at least semi-functioning, the only person in the house is dead out asleep (he did go out last night) so I can’t be distracted, and Jamie Oliver is on Food Network in the background. Oh, and it’s raining. These, as far as I’m concerned, are perfect conditions to write Happy Sunday in.

International Yoga Day

This week (on Tuesday, I think) it was International Yoga Day. I roped my wonderful Manager into taking a tree pose picture with me to celebrate, and then spent a lot of time feeling guilty for not having made room for yoga in my life lately. It’s one of many things that I still haven’t worked out how to put into my routine since my change in jobs. Like when am I supposed to do my eyebrows? Or read blogs? Or text my Nan? It’s all still up in the air two months on, but slowly slowly coming together. If you have tips on routine changes and keeping yourself grounded when you have all kinds of big things happening in your head, leave them for me.



Eats of the week

The best things I ate this week (that I remembered to photograph) from top left to bottom right:

  • Cheesy marmite pasta, my new favourite quick go-to for comfort. Recipe here.
  • Jacket potato, potato taken out and mashed with cheese and avocado, topped with more cheese and cooked again. Served with houmous and sprouts. My god that was delicious.
  • Eggless pancakes for my boyfriend who cannot eat eggs and had never eaten pancakes before. Not quite as good as pancakes pancakes, but still delicious.
  • Aldi noodles. Every day.


Bluebird Tea Co Summer

Bluebird Tea Co sent me a couple of samples from their summer tea collection featuring a few limited edition blends. Both delicious, I can’t wait to try them chilled (it’s too rainy and miserable for anything that’s not hot tea at the moment).


Maple Sugar and Maple Vinegar

These landed on the doormat this week from the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers. Maple sugar (!!) and maple vinegar (!!) are two things that I did not know existed. I’m waiting to hear back on how you can get hold of these yourself – check back if you’re interested as I’ll update as and when – but you need to try maple sugar in your coffee and maple vinegar in your salad dressings. Need to.


Mighty Matcha

Matcha lattes have been a health fanatic trend for at least a couple years now, so I jumped at the chance to try mighty matcha‘s matcha green tea powder. I have to say, I was kind of underwhelmed. Perhaps it’s because they’re so hyped all over social media, or perhaps it’s because I’m such a traditional caffeine lover (all tea all coffee all day), but the matcha latte just didn’t do it for me. I think I’ll see if I can’t put this powder to use in baking somewhere.. if you have any favourite recipes, hit me up.



New product alert: MOMA has launched a new flavour porridge pot, coconut and chia. Perfect for keeping in the cupboard at work or slinging into your rucksack if you’re off festival-ing this summer.


Primrose's Kitchen

Another new product alert: Primrose’s Kitchen, a brand I’ve loved from afar for quite some time, have added three new boxes to their range. Orange and Cashew Granola, Organic Porridge Oats and Organic Oatmeal and Chia. The oats made for delicious flapjacks and the granola is refreshingly not sweet.


Pana Chocolate

Another healthy Instagram craze is Pana Chocolate, a vegan treat available in a wide range of flavours that all sound gorgeous. Unfortunately for me, I just couldn’t get past the texture. The scent of the mint chocolate I tried was bang on, but I found myself only able to eat half a square. I’ll be giving the other bars away to health freak friends.


You’ll notice that I haven’t mentioned the referendum. This is because I’ve sort of ignored it out of despair. Perhaps I’ll have something reflective to say about it next week..

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  1. Love these posts. Juggling life with a very energy consuming job is really tough, this is a bit of crap advise but you might just need to give it time and really get into a proper routine. A blog I’ve followed for years is ‘i heart baking!’ and she does loads of green matcha recipes. I’ll have a look through. Also I made your slow roasted tomatoes the other day… bangin’. x

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