Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday

It’s Monday morning, I may have forgotten to post Happy Sunday on Sunday again. Better late than never, this will at least be my second week on the trot actually posting it, so we’re making some real consistency progress up in here. Also, I’ve been out three nights in a row, and usually that completely rids me of my ability to look at a screen and remember how the English language works. All progress.

I happen to have the day off work for 4th July (my work heavily involves America) so I’m pretty much just gonna sit here all day and blog and nap and eventually I’ll wander down to ALDI to buy ingredients for a three course meal that I’m yet to plan. It’s gonna be a pretty great day. Recovery Mondays are always a godsend.

Happy Sunday Eats of the Week

The best things I ate this week:

  • Yep, still not over those ALDI noodles. It’s a comfort thing. 18p guys, 18p.
  • Gorgeous three course meal with my Grandparents at The Half Moon. Check out my full review of their 3 courses for £15 from the last time I went.
  • It’s the beginning of the month, which means a little bit of eating out here and there is totally allowed. I had a burger yesterday afternoon (Gaea’s Fury, veggie burger) at The Troll’s Pantry for the first time in a little while and it, as per usual, was absolutely delicious. Top marks for that pickled asparagus.
  • Spaghetti, leftover chicken thigh, Lurpak chipotle butter and parmesan. Fucking great.


Maple BBQ Kettle Bites

NEW PRODUCT ALERT: Kettle Chips sent me their new range of Kettle Bites, there are a few new flavours that were OK, but what really stood out for me (and anybody else at the office that tried them) were the maple BBQ wholegrain waves. This is because they’re basically like sweets and I’ve got me a serious sweet tooth. If you prefer your crisps on the savoury side, probably swerve these. Keep your eye out for them in supermarkets and corner shops.


Mystic Pizza Movie Review

We’re all familiar with the mind numbing task of trawling through Netflix to try and find something to watch, so when I really enjoy something, I always hook you up with it. Mystic Pizza is a movie about three young women working in a pizza joint and all the classic 80s movie stuff that happens to them. It’s sweet and gentle and won’t upset you, and there are shots of delicious delicious pizza throughout. I’ll probably watch it again and I definitely recommend it.


Pizza Express Pasta

Potentially the most exciting new product alert I have ever had the pleasure of shouting about on Cate in the Kitchen: PIZZA EXPRESS PASTA. Good quality fresh pasta with the flavours of some of their most famous pizzas. My favourite of the pastas just so happens to be the same as my pizza of choice, pollo ad astra. It’s cooked in 1 minute and makes for a decent hot dinner if you just swirl through a bit of butter and grate over some cheese. At the moment they’re only available at Waitrose and Ocado for £2.99 a pack, but I’ve got a feeling they’ll shortly creep into all supermarkets.


Processed with MOLDIV

You all know I’m a sucker for food history, so it’ll come as no surprise that these actual vintage recipes from actual old newspapers (I even spotted an old school Delia column) made my head spin. They’re £12.99 apiece, separated into decades and you can personalise them. If you’ve got a friend into food with a birthday coming up, I think one of these would serve you quite well.



I recently tried out the Peckish range of rice crackers. They’re posed mostly as a slightly healthier alternative to crisps, and that’s sort of exactly what they taste like. I wasn’t a huge fan, but a couple of girls in the office were really keen on them.


I’m off to plan that three course meal. If I sort my life out this week, I should have a post for you on eating seaweed. Fingers crossed. Love you bye.

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    • Ha ha ha, I’m a telemarketer on the evening shift at a call centre, we call USA! Means I can do food stuff in the day time 😉

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