Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

This week of Veganuary has been slightly less successful than the last. I’ve found myself feeling nutritionally lacking on some days through a shortfall in planning – to the extent that I slipped last night and ate something with cheese – this is something I talked about in a little more detail yesterday.

Aside from the little moan above, I really have cooked some great dishes this week.

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I know the above introduction to my week makes it sound a little dreary, but I assure you that’s not been the case. Plenty of good things have happened in my kitchen, promise.

Sweet potato falafel: A killer Pinterest find. This recipe from Lauren Caris Cooks is cheap, it’s easy and Tom said it was the best falafel he’d ever tasted in his life. A friend of mine also made it once she’d seen me recommend it and she loved it too. Bookmark this one, it’s a gem.

Soya latte: I have no idea how to actually make a latte. I didn’t even Google it before trying. I made extra strong coffee in the cafetierre, then heated half a cup of soya milk in a saucepan, whisking to make it frothy. I poured the milk into a mug, followed by the hot strong coffee. Was it a latte? Probably not. Did it look and taste like one? Yeah, it did.

Creamy garlic mushrooms: Alpro soya single cream is a wonder product throughout Veganuary, I’ve probably mentioned it again already this year but who cares, you need to know about it. You’ll be able to find it in most supermarkets in free-from sections.

Homemade vegetable stock: I saw a video on Facebook recently instructing on how to make veg stock from frozen veg scraps. The idea is you save the odds and ends of vegetables that would ordinarily be thrown away or composted, keep them in a freezer bag until there’s a lot then cover with cold water in a pan and boil away for at least thirty minutes. Strain and you’ll have veg stock. I finally got around to doing it this week and it is now a forever habit in my kitchen.

Wing Yip

Wing Yip, the online grocery store who sell that vegan coconut caramel sauce I used on my cheesecake last week, sent me the most amazing little bundle of goodies for Chinese New Year. A note was enclosed to let me know that they only sent me their vegan friendly products as they’d noticed I was taking part in Veganuary, so I didn’t even have to wait until February to get cooking. How sweet are they?

Each of the sauces pictured above are delicious, but the revolutionary product for me here is the noodles. Listed on the site as Chinese Noodles, they’re a little like egg noodles, boiled in 2 minutes and then ready for stir frying. Before I had thought that a switch to rice noodles was essential for vegan stir frying, but these are just made with wheat flour. Perfect.

vegan carrot fritters

I’m working on a recipe for vegan carrot fritters that I am very, very excited about. I’m going to make sure I’m doubly happy with it before shooting and posting, but my first vegan recipe of Veganuary (always so late with these) is finally on the way.

vegan itsu miso soup

Newsflash: itsu vegetarian miso soup sachets are vegan, and delicious. These have been the perfect treat to stash in my pocket for a little ray of soy based sunshine at the office.

How was your week? Highlights of Saturday? Cosy plans for Sunday? Let me know in the comments.

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