Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

It’s finally time for outdoorsy weekends again, the kind that wake you up early and drag you out of bed into the sunshine to squeeze every bit of life out of the day as you possibly can. They feel so much longer when you spend them outside, I think. I had one of those weekends, the first of its kind in 2017, and it was glorious.

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On Friday evening, me and Tom slowly wandered in the direction of the marina, with plenty of stop offs to sit and bask in the sun and stare at the sea. After much (read: not much) deliberation we decided to eat dinner at Wetherspoons because we’re both unashamed fans, and their location is the best in terms of comfy seating and nothing short of stunning views at sunset. We were delighted to discover that a version of their Christmas burger is now available on the standard menu (breaded brie, bacon and cranberry, it literally is their Christmas burger unless I’m remembering wrong) and it still tastes as good as it did in December.

Brighton Marina

On Saturday morning, we hit up Mile Oak Farm. I’m keeping completely quiet on that because it’s going to be an upcoming Cheap Dates in Brighton post but here’s me looking all happy with my new friend Donkey:

Donkey at Mile Oak Farm

It’s not just the joy of being outside that Spring has brought with it, it’s given us our hot cross buns back, too. I’ve tried my fair share this week (arguably far more than my fair share, actually) and I’ve decided that M&S win. Theirs are the best, hands down. If you’re going for novelty though, you absolutely have to try the toffee and chocolate ones from ALDI. They’re divine.

Hot Cross Buns 2017

This week, I tried a few new foodie bits and pieces that you may or may not wanna get on your radar too. First up, lovely little start up The Tea Loft sent me over a few of their loose leaf teas to try and I’ve developed quite the soft spot for Green Cherry Pie. A green tea with a sweet, inviting smell that has that distinctive green tea taste with a gentle sweetness. It’s become my go-to mid morning cuppa.

The Tea Loft Green Cherry Pie

Next up, another new kid on the block: Lisa’s Organic. Labeled as “craft crisps”, Lisa’s are hand cooked, organic and made using the finest ingredients they can get their hands on. In terms of quality, these snacks are at the top of their range, that crunch is as good as they come. When it comes to flavour, I’ve found them to be a mixed bag. The emmental & onion, I love, the salt and vinegar just wasn’t strong enough for me. I like to be punched in the balls with the flavour of salt and vinegar crisps, think McCoys, that like ‘ow I think these have actually sanded off some of my tongue’ kind of kick. Extra points added for dreamy packaging, though. Nice work.

IMG_9309 (1)

Finally, a fruit of the dried variety that I’d never heard of until it arrived on my doorstep this week. Abakus Foods jujube fruit. Apparently the fruit is also known as ‘the red date’ which is just about perfect, cause that’s what it tastes like. The dehydrated crisps in their range are particularly interesting (though sugar laden ‘natural’ or no, so not actually healthy) and the dried fruit itself is lovely. Definitely worth a shot if you’re looking for something a bit different.


I’d say I think that’s everything, but I’m pretty sure it’s not. I’m fairly confident that thirty minutes after hitting publish I’ll be kicking myself for forgetting like five things I wanted to say. Oh, well. See you next week, Happy Sunday!

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    • It’s entirely possible, this particular brands product is a little drier than the fudgy medjool we know and love so perhaps not as versatile!! xx

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