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The Warren is Back!

It’s Brighton Festival season, and already I’ve broken my heartfelt promise to myself that I would pay closer attention to the art and theatre of it all this year. As a kid, I was always fully immersed in every aspect of the festival because of my Mum’s job, and I just sort of haven’t really continued that tradition into adulthood. Perhaps I was overcultured, and humans can only take so many one man shows and tongue in cheek “wank bank” masterclasses before they lose interest, and mine happen to all have been taken before the age of 10. Who knows.

Anyway, I’m piping up very briefly to let you in on the most joyous news that The Warren is back in action. The Warren is primarily a theatre venue, but acts as a gorgeous outdoor place to soak up Brighton Festival vibes from one of their two well-manned bars.

I didn’t see any shows last year, and if I’m being honest, I probably won’t this year. However, The Warren will be seeing a lot of me. It’s just the best place to drink throughout the month of May. Pints are not cheap – but I struggle to find a cheap pint anywhere outside of Spoons so that’s no mark against them – and you can get Prosecco by the glass, there are a couple of food stalls and, if you happen to be unfortunate enough to be burdened with small children, there’s a really cool wooden adventure play area that I am jealous of.

You’ll find The Warren right next to St. Peter’s Church, and the moment you step in you’ll forget that that’s where you are (for those not local: that’s a big plus point). It’s enclosed, entry is free, there’s always good music playing and it looks all beautiful and twinkly at night. See you down there!

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