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The Chip Shop Sandwich

This recipe combines my favourite elements from the chippie – bar the actual chips – and puts them between two slices of bread slathered with Lurpak, what could be better?

According to a recent study commissioned by Lurpak, the general public are like, super boring when the clock strikes lunch. Apparently, we’re all eating the same generic sad desk lunches every day, the most popular choice here being ham and cheese sandwiches. Up your game, people!

I, along with some other awesome bloggers, have been invited to GO FREESTYLE and come up with a sandwich idea that puts ham and cheese to shame – I feel like I’ve totally achieved that.

OK, you got me, this really isn’t packed-lunch-able, it’s more of a weekend job. But you know I’m a huge fan of quick and easy (see my packed peanut noodles if you need convincing) when it comes to lunchtime, and I’ll only publish a recipe with a bit of extra work if I think it’s really worth cooking.

A note on the ingredients: my favourite thing about fish and chips is the sides. Pickled onions and mushy peas, am I right? I’m right, they’re the best. To get that pickled onion element quickly, I finely slice red onions and soak them in some cider vinegar for about 10 minutes – overnight is delicious if you have time though. Having slices also means you can get that wicked sharp taste in small doses if you want rather than going all out on a whole pickled onion from a jar. PS, I picked river cobbler because it’s astoundingly cheap, but any white fish will do the job nicely. 

1 cooked fillet of river cobbler
150g peas
small handful of mint, finely chopped
knob of Lurpak
1 tbsp natural yoghurt
half a red onion, pickled (see notes above) or just a pickled onion from a jar/the chippie
2 slices of bread
lashings of Lurpak spreadable

  1. First things first, make your mushy peas. Get your peas boiling according to pack instructions, it’s mostly between about 3 and 5 minutes.
  2. Drain once cooked, then return back to the saucepan (but not back to the heat) and add your knob of butter, the mint and the yoghurt. Then grab a hand blender and blitz like you’re mad at it. Should result in gorgeous creamy green-ness. If you don’t have a hand blender then a potato masher will do, if you’re really slumming it then a fork will suffice.
  3. Butter both slices of bread, then spread your mushy peas onto the bottom slice and follow up with your fish and onions. You can add parsley if you like, I was just trying to be fancy.

DONE. Let me know if you try this one, I can’t wait to hear what you all think! What’s your favourite unusual sandwich combo? Let me know in the comments!!

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The Chip Shop Sandwich | Cate in the Kitchen


  1. Ham&Cheese sandwich is such a mundane and boring choice for lunch.
    Your sandwich instead looks so delectable, colorful and fun. I bet it tastes like a million bucks!

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