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Here’s One I Made Earlier | #bakeoffbakealong

It’s with a very heavy heart that I tell you I’ve been unable to bake along with the show this week. I really thought I might be able to wing it in the cottage in Cornwall we’re staying in (I brought digital scales with me and everything) but it quickly became clear that there was no way I was going to achieve a frangipane tart, flaounas or vol-au-vents here.

I may not have attempted any of the bakes from the show this week, but I do have a very recent pastry experience to share with you. As it’s pastry week, I hoped you might accept it as a substitute..

Before I get on with that, let’s talk about the show, shall we!

  • Every time Alvin apologised for his not-quite-good-enough bakes, a little bit of the light in my soul went out. Poor, poor boy. Bless him.
  • I knew Ian’s squid ink venture wouldn’t work. I was not into it, not into it at all. Lesson: always listen to your wife.
  • I cried when Nadiya cried with the vol-au-vents. Oh boy did I cry. I’m not even ashamed of it, I’m learning to own the fact that I am now a crier (#hormones).
  • Don’t get me started on Hollywood this week. Saying “it doesn’t look like a flaouna” when he gave no indication in the recipe as to what one might look like. That got me mad in a big way.
  • Yes, yes I am still very much in love with Tamal.

Apples and Pears

My Nan gave me loads of apples and pears from her garden last week, and I think a cartoon lightbulb visibly pinged above my head. I was making an apple pie, and I was giving it a lattice top.

I stewed the apples down with sugar that I’ve been keeping in an empty tea canister with a vanilla pod in the hope of flavouring it – it’s sort of working, but I’m not gonna rave about it yet.

Stewing Apples

I got my pastry recipe from the Leith’s Baking Bible – out of sheer habit more than anything else, it’s the first place I turn to double check measurements and methods.

I attempted to teach myself the lattice situation using a great step-by-step photoset I found on The Kitchn. Here’s what I ended up with..

Apple Pie with Lattice Top

If I had one piece of advice to impart after baking this for the first time: make more pastry than you think you need. To achieve the lattice effect, you need really long strands of pastry that you have total control over. I didn’t quite have that, which is why only half of the pie is latticed and the other half is a rather sad looking criss-cross.

I’m really excited to try lattice-ing (what would the correct verb be?) again, I think I’d love to make a treacle tart – that feels suitably autumnal. If I manage to stumble across a decent crop of blackberries then that would be lovely too.

Tell me about you, have you ever tried the lattice pastry crust? What pie filling is P-E-R-F-E-C-T for it? Do share.

Apologies again for not giving you a GBBO bake this week, normal service will resume next Tuesday!

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  1. adales8 says

    I love your lattice. And I am team Tamal all the way. And yes, always listen to your wife. What was Ian thinking?!? xx

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