Cheap Dates in Brighton
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Cheap Dates in Brighton | Happy Mondays @ Slug and Lettuce 

Before I say even one word, I need to apologise in advance for the low quality photos in this post. Sometimes, lighting is so minimal somewhere that it becomes near impossible to capture food in its most pornographic state with a camera so lowly as the one installed on the iPhone 6s. I point blank refuse to bring big digital cameras out to eat with me, so from time to time, this is something we all just need to deal with. Soz, soz, soz.

Anyway, welcome to another episode of my favourite blog series! I’d been hoping to bring you loads of outdoorsy ones but the weather is just point blank refusing to get its act together. In the mean time, I have a juicy deal for you at Slug and Lettuce in Hove..


Tom and I were invited down this week to have a little look at their brand new summer menu. The stars of said new menu are the selection of small plates and sharing platters that are perfect for twosomes or little groups to share over a few bevvies. Small plates are 3 for £10, we went for: pork buns (pictured above), honey chorizo (which I recreated just yesterday) and BBQ chicken skewers – all of which were on point and a bargain at £10 for the lot. In honour of National Vegetarian Week, we felt it our civic duty to give the Veggie Sharing Board (£14.99) a look-in.


Tempura veg, fried jalapenos, omelette soldiers, onion rings, veggie sliders, it is all happening on this board. The bean burgers were – truly – excellent. For a chain that is, I’d say, a few rungs above Wetherspoons, I wasn’t expecting homemade bean burgers. Alas, that’s what I got, bloody good ones at that. At £14.99, it’s reasonable, but..

If you head to Slug and Lettuce on a Monday, all of their food is 50% off!

at half of £14.99, it’s way better. I’d very happily wander all the way to George Street and try another of their sharing boards for half off! That’s not all..

On Mondays and Tuesdays, a burger and a drink will set you back just £7.

We saw a few burgers coming out of that kitchen, and they were looking good.


There you go, another date night that’ll cost you less than £10 per head (if you go on a Monday), you are welcome. Coming soon, an incredibly tempting gin promotion that I’ve recently seen advertised is definitely getting hit up and reported back on..

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