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Sneaky First Look at the New Whittard Collection

We took a look at Whittard’s Alice in Wonderland collection together last month, and that post went down so well that I thought you might enjoy a sneaky peek at their new Signature Collection before it’s even in the shops.. 

The day I chose to get my brew on for this blog post was one that needed a serious injection of cosiness.

Whittard Signature Collection | Cate in the Kitchen

I just wanted you to take note of that weather before telling me off for being ever so slightly autumnal in my vibe, it is what it is guys..

The new Signature Collection is, in my opinion, worth getting a little giddy over. It consists of 21 teas of the very high standard I’ve come to expect from Whittard, and I’m giving you a first look at 4 of them before they hit the shelves.

Whittard Signature Collection | Cate in the Kitchen

The whole collection is packaged really similarly, if I only had two words I’d describe it as calm and basic (not like basic bitch basic, the good kind). They’re all adorned with the same illustration – the Camelia sinensis tea plant, and all keeping it casual with browns and greys.

Today we’re gonna be having a butch at the large leaf tea pyramids (pictured above) and some of the loose leaf stuff. Let’s get into it.

Apple + Elderflower

Whittard Signature Collection | Cate in the Kitchen

The smell as I opened this little caddy of teabags had me tumbling into autumn so rapidly it was as though I’d tripped and fallen into a pile of cartoon dry leaves. It’s most comparable to walking into a cosy pub after a chilly walk and feeling a sense of relief when you catch a whiff of mulled cider simmering.

The taste is sweeter and gentler than the slightly acidic aroma while brewing suggests, and the elderflower has a chance to come through when you’re actually sipping it too.

Everything about this one is gorgeously autumnal, this is definitely my top pick from Whittard for this season.. Teabags will be available from September but if you can’t wait, you can get loose here.

Marrakech Mint

Whittard Signature Collection | Mint | Cate in the Kitchen

Not as eye-wateringly strong as most mint teas are when you get up close and personal with the tea leaves, inhaling deeply doesn’t cause the sinuses to feel as though they’ve been bleached as so many do.

This is because it’s not pure straight up in-yer-face mint, it’s mixed with smoky gunpowder green tea, and makes for a very gentle drinking experience. I should think I’ll enjoy it mostly as an after-dinner mint situation, great for if you’ve eaten a few too many slices of delicious delicious pizza.

White Peony

Whittard Signature Collection | Cate in the Kitchen | White Peony

This is described as exquisitely delicate and that’s exactly what it is – so much so that I’m not really getting much from it. Perhaps because the flavour in the apple + elderflower was so strong (and awesome) but I think it’s just a weaker, gentler one.

Totally cool if that’s your thing, but this ones not my cup of tea.. (was really hoping I’d be able to say that)

Regal Blend

Whittard Signature Collection | Regal Blend | Cate in the Kitchen

I like this, it’s like a cross between Afternoon Tea and Vanilla Tea but it’s not quite as good as either for my personal taste. I would definitely stick with the Afternoon Tea blend for my.. how else can I say afternoon tea..

Oh by the way, can we talk loose leaf tea gadgets for a second?

Whittard Signature Collection | Cate in the Kitchen

This thing is genius, it’s got like a little metal insert to put the tea leaves in. You just pour boiling water over the top then let it brew – there’s even a little cap you can put on top of the mug so it stays hot, then you can take the metal thing out and there are zero leaves in the mug!

OK I haven’t explained that in the most succinct and helpful way but look, none of us are perfect alright? You get the idea.

If you like the look of any of these and live near a Whittard store then you should totally pop in because they’re offering complimentary tastings of the collection – go go go!

In the comments let me know which of these you’d most love to try? Is it apple + elderflower? I bet it is..

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