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Hey, Check This Out

Guys I’m sorry, for the first (and almost definitely not the last) time, my Sunday post is going out on a Monday. I just had too busy a weekend to get this out there.

I’ve had such an awesome week though, and I cannot wait for you to read all about it. Remember to tell me allllllll about your week in the comments – I particularly want to hear how you’ve been getting festive!

Good things that happened this week

Matching Christmas outfits dog and owner

  • I went for my first Christmas dinner. It was at Wetherspoon’s. There were two different types of potato. Jess wrote about it here.
  • I finally decorated my tree! It was a nightmare getting it down from the loft (we put it off by watching three Christmas films back to back on channel 5) but so worth it now that it’s up.
  • I went to a Harry Potter quiz with Jess and Josh at The Globe yesterday, it was so. fun. I haven’t geeked out like that maybe ever.
  • Me and my dog dressed up in matching Santa outfits. She hated it so it didn’t last long, but that was 60 minutes of sheer joy (pictured above).

Hitting The Shelves

It’s been a bumper week for new (and new-to-me) products landing on my doorstep, let’s just dive right in and take a look at them.

Rude Health sprouted flours

New Rude Health Sprouted Flours

I love love love Rude Health. Every product in their ever growing range is good for you, with no secret weirdo ingredients lurking on labels, ever.

Their new sprouted range includes buckwheat, whole wheat and spelt flours. I’m baking bread with the spelt today (keep an eye on my social media channels if you want to see how that goes) and I’m so excited to try some gluten free baking with the buckwheat – I think I’ll look to the lovely Loriley at GFsesh for inspiration!

The motivating force behind sprouted flours is primarily the higher nutrient content, it’s essentially allowing the grains to behave as they might have done naturally – they also promise to be easier to digest than standard flours. I’m increds excited to taste this spelt loaf once it’s baked.

You can get hold of these in Sainsbury’s this month!

NEW popcorn flavour

New PROPERCORN flavour - smooth peanut and almond

I was waxing lyrical on Twitter lately about how much I loved PROPERCORN’s sweet and salty popcorn – I really have tried most of the brands out there and theirs is the best, hands down – and once they discovered that I’d not yet tried their new smooth peanut and almond flavour, those wonderful people sent me a case to taste.

It’s really good. Take the crack-like addictiveness of peanut butter and introduce it to the delicious crunch of popcorn and you’ve got yourself a dangerously tasty snack. Does it beat salty and sweet? Not in my book, that stuff is potentially my favourite thing ever. Is it really, really good though? Yep.

Available all over the place for under a quid or as a case from their website for a fiver.

Tea made with saffron..

Tea made with saffron

This stuff had me so intrigued. Krocus Kozanis have brought out the UK’s first saffron tea, which seems to me to be about as luxurious as it gets, herbal tea wise. The two flavours I tried were really interesting, but my top pick would be the Honey, Orange & Saffron, three flavours that come together beautifully for a proper princely cuppa.

Available online or at Selfridge’s for £3.49.

Delicious delicious vodka

Cranberry Vodka Shots

OK so New Amsterdam vodka is not a new product, but it has “new” in it’s name and it’s the first time I’ve seen it, so it’s staying in this category.

I’m firmly in the camp of people that cannot taste the difference when it comes to vodka, so I can’t vouch for this stuff on that front. But, in comparison to the cheap rubbish I usually drink, the hangover from New Amsterdam is not as violent/murderous/evil.

Out of sheer curiosity, I poured some over a little kilner jar of dried cranberries and left it overnight. This is what happened, and it was very cool. I will be doing it again.

A little bit of Christmas magic..

Super (super) old Christmas decorations

Really Old Christmas Decorations

I was going through my Nan’s (enormous) collection of Christmas decorations with her earlier this week in order to steal some for recipe shoots, when I found these.

I could not for the life of me work out what they were – can you?

OK, I’ll tell you. These were her Mum’s, and they’re from the black and white times. In the years before tinsel and fairylights, people would decorate their trees with candles, and these are the holders for said candles.

Apparently they would light the candles, all sit around the tree and just look at them for a bit, and then blow them out because it would be beyond stupid to leave flames unattended on a Christmas tree. Isn’t that cool? I just wanted to share it with everyone.

The power of the USB Christmas Tree

USB Christmas Tree

This has improved my quality of life in a big way. Finding ways to feel festive whilst working is kind of important to me, and this has been totally working. This one has been knocking about for ages, but I’m sure Tiger do one (or something similar) and you could certainly find one online!

Oh Come All Ye Tasteful

Oh Come All Ye Tasteful

This book has been sitting around the house making me feel Christmassy all week, it’s so gorgeously festive in appearance I never want to put it away. The content within the book is even better, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed dipping in and out of it and drooling over cocktail and dessert recipes that would be just perfect for Christmas. I recommend this as a stocking filler, or early present to yourself. Or both..

Available on Amazon for £6.99

Purezza, Brighton’s new vegan pizza joint

Purezza Vegan Pizza in Brighton

Purezza Vegan Pizza in Brighton

I’ve been wanting to try Purezza since it opened, purely because I’m so intrigued by the concept of vegan pizza. Vegetarian pizza I’m totally on board with (being a mostly-vegetarian myself) but making pizza without cheese delicious seemed to me an almost impossible task.

My sister and I ordered Purezza through Deliveroo, I went for the Giardino at £9.50 (pictured at the top; hummus base, green olives, artichokes, sunflower seeds, cherry tomatoes, parsley and chives) and my sister chose Funghi at £10.95 (butternut squash base, mixed mushrooms, walnuts, pistachios, sundried tomato, black pepper, rocket and truffle oil).

Whilst it was an interesting experience, I don’t think I’ll be diving headfirst into vegan pizza again any time soon. The dough was clearly well made, and all the ingredients tasted as though they were of great quality, pizza without cheese just didn’t work for me. I enjoyed the butternut squash base the most, and I think I’ll experiment with something similar at home, but I think I’ll add cheese (sorry, Purezza!).

I don’t at all want you to think that just because I didn’t enjoy it, you won’t either. If you’re an actual proper vegan, Purezza is likely to be a total godsend and I urge you to go and check it out for yourself.

Purezza can be delivered through Deliveroo or you can eat in at their restaurant: 12 St James Street, Brighton, BN2 1RE. 

That’s all for this week..

Keep your eye on the blog later this week for a stupidly easy and delicious cranberry sauce recipe and other festive fodder. I hope you all have a good one!

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  1. So many fantastic food related things have happened to you this week, no wonder it’s been such a smasher! 😀 My top things I will take away from this post are – Harry Potter quiz?!?! Sounds like the ultimate, was it at least quite challenging so you had to really think? Nothing worse than being asked “What’s the name of Harry’s owl?” or something similar! Also, WHAT – Propercorn have a new peanut flavour, how has this passed me by?! AND they sent you an entire case? Pop one in the post to me would you? 😉 Alice xx

  2. Thanks so much for telling us about Purezza – we’re so excited to go there! Just checked out their website and it all looks wonderful! They’re just a short walk from our usual Brighton haunts and we had no idea they were there – and we LOVE cheese-free pizza! Yum! Thanks so much for sharing 😀

  3. All these wonderful things! I love that Christmassy cookbook, I may have to check it out- espesh if it has good cocktail recipes in it! Jealous of your USB Xmas tree, one of the girls in my office has a light up USB snowman, I feel like I need to join the light up USB Xmas things club…

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