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The New Kitchen

Last Tuesday I said a somewhat emotional farewell to the kitchen I’ve been cooking in for years, rammed all my worldly possessions into a removals van and moved 10 minutes down the road into a one bed flat with Tom.

I could spend hours now talking about the moments I spent in that kitchen. It was, after all, where Cate in the Kitchen was born. It’s the kitchen in which every exciting idea I’ve ever had about food has come to fruition. It’s the kitchen I once spilled a pint of beet juice on the carpet of – I know, who in their right mind carpets a kitchen – and spent hours desperately dabbing at with stain remover. It’s the kitchen I had to stand hunched by the back door of if I had any chance of getting a decent, naturally lit shot for Instagram. It’s the kitchen I first cooked for Tom in. It’s the kitchen I got so drunk in before going out one New Year’s Eve that I ended up back on the floor of said kitchen within a few hours quite unsure of how I’d gotten there. It’s the kitchen I shot my first ever blog post (you’re welcome) in.

However, this is not a retrospective post. I’m not particularly good at looking backwards, the past doesn’t hold much magic for me. What I want to show you today is the blinding, sparkly, brilliant newness of the kitchen I’ll be cooking in from now on. We have been so incredibly lucky with this flat. We found a private landlord and completely avoided vile estate agent fees, plus the previous tenant had been here 8 years and so the landlord completely renovated the place. Honestly, it’s a dream come true. I hadn’t dared hope that I’d be able to live somewhere this nice in Brighton.


There is so much natural light in this room. My recipe photography game is about to be upped significantly. The plain white walls that some people despise about rented properties are about to become my biggest asset. They’ll make for the perfect backdrop – especially when our kitchen table arrives (Monday) and I can set delicious things down upon it to be photographed in all that gorgeous sunlight streaming through the windows.


At last, I have room to display all my cookbooks. So much room, in fact, that I’d be able to expand my collection quite considerably and feel absolutely no guilt, because there’s plenty of space. Four rows of open shelves on the back wall. Four. It’s an absolute dream. My plan in the long run is to fill them with kilner jars and make everything look super attractive, but at the moment there’s a jumble of baking bits and condiments and my more showy crockery adequately filling the space.



The actual workspace itself is small, and further from the cooker than I’m used to, but I’ve adapted to the space really quickly. The windowsill is perfect for flowers (thank you to my lovely little sister who bought us our first bunch) and every section is flooded with light – I know I keep going on about light but really, if you’ve spent time in my old kitchen, you’ll understand my excitement.


There’s plenty of space above the cooker for spices and oils and condiments and all the other things one wants to reach for when simmering and stirring. You can’t tell so well from the below photo because it’s backlit, but this corner is lovely and bright too. It’s a very pleasing place to stand and get on with dinner.


I hope I’ve given you a feel for the place and how happy it’s made me already. Turns out, it’s quite difficult to capture a room in a blog post. We’ve been here just over a week now and already made it home and then some. Thank you so much to everybody that’s been in touch with well wishes, we’re having the time of our lives.

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  1. Ahhh Cate it’s lovely! 🙂
    1) Congrats on the new pad.
    2) OBSESSED with the shelving.
    3) I have the same JosephJoseph utensils.
    4) I need that Bounty spread in my life.

  2. Wow congratulations on the move! You new kitchen looks beautiful (especially that shelving!) I can’t wait to see your recipe posts in the new kitchen 🙂

    Jess x

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