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Tabasco Chicken Satay

Another recipe? So soon? Yes, get used to it I’m back on form. Unless you’re an actual goldfish, you’ll remember that yesterday I posted my first #FunWithFlavour recipe using green pepper tabasco.  I’m back today with the main course, and I’m kicking the heat up a notch with this one (to straight up normal Tabasco).. a decent satay sauce is one of my favourite things to knock up in the kitchen, it takes all of 30 seconds and makes for a killer packed lunch component.

Another one of my favourite things? A cheeky order of aromatic duck from my local Chinese takeaway, hence the spring onion/cucumber combination. So this is kind of a mash up and I love love love it, so does the rest of my family.

A word on the chicken: if you’re buying breasts (haha) from your butcher, cook ’em for 25 minutes at Gas 6 (ish, my oven is not a good one to set guidelines from but I do what I can) and leave them to cool. Then literally just pull apart with your hands, it takes ages if you want nice fine shreds but it’s worth it for all that saaauuuce. 

Serves 2

2 cooked chicken breasts, shredded

3 heaped tbsps peanut butter
4 tbsps sesame oil
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp Tabasco

6 mini tortillas

finely chopped spring onion and cucumber

  1. Mix up all those satay ingredients in a bowl and make sure they’re well combined then get your shredded chicken involved. If you want to get your hands dirty at this point to make sure it’s really well coated then we could probably be friends, but if you’re more refined that’s cool too and a spoon will do.
  2. Warm up your tortillas if you want (I couldn’t be bothered, not necessary IMO) and get some cucumber and spring onion in the middle, then whack on some of your satay chicken.
  3. Roll, eat, repeat.

I feel like that was even easier than the starter, right? Just as delicious too. See you tomorrow for your next Tabasco fix.. (dessert is happening!!!)

What’s your favourite Tabasco combo? Pizza? Something a little more interesting? Let me know in the comments!

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Tabasco Chicken Satay Cate in the Kitchen


  1. As an alternative to cooking the breasts in the oven. You could also poach them in stock and maybe lemongrass. Must give it a try, liking the idea of a fiery satay. Yum.

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