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Spring Potato Salad

It’s set to be an absolute scorcher this weekend (as far as May in England is concerned), we’re finally starting to see those cheery little sunshine icons on the weather forecast. Everyone’s eating habits tend to adapt slightly according to season, hot weather makes us crave enormous roasts a little less and smaller chilled meals a little more. So, for a quick and simple lunch or dinner this weekend, give my health(ier) take on potato salad a go.

Instead of mayonnaise or creme fraiche, I use 0% fat greek yoghurt, which is packed full of calcium but skips the saturated fat. It’s also been connected with a few weight loss studies, for more info check out this article by Fitness Magazine.

750g new potatoes
6 spring onions
10 cherry tomatoes
2 heaped tbsps 0% greek yoghurt
1 and a half tsps wholegrain mustard
1 tsp honey
plenty of salt and pepper

  1. Boil your potatoes according to packet instructions (they’ll vary), the standard is around 15 minutes
  2. Once they’re done, strain them and throw them in to a big bowl
  3. Chop the spring onions in with scissors (you can use a knife if you want but it’ll take ages and time is money) then chop the tomatoes and get those in there as well
  4. Mix the yoghurt, honey and mustard in a little bowl and then use it to dress the potatoes
  5. Shake over some salt and pepper to taste then mix it all up until the potatoes are nicely coated

Track recommendation for this recipe is a classic from The Stranglers, as soon as the sun starts beating down this is one of the first songs I dust off.

Thanks for reading x


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