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St. Ives | We found the best fish and chips in the West

As I write this, my skin is glowing with sunburn and sheer joy at being in Cornwall (it’s mostly the sunburn though, thanks for the celtic genes Dad) and it’s only the end of our very first full day here.

Already, I’ve found something so noteworthy that I just had to share it with you, my Internet gang, ASAP. I wasn’t click baiting you when I said we had found the best fish and chips in the west. Here they are:

The best fish and chips in cornwall           the best fish and chips in cornwall

My Mum got them practically the moment we arrived (Friday night) and my belly is full of them tonight (Saturday night), I’ll have them at least twice again before we leave. They don’t look much in my pictures but a) you try taking pretty pictures of food in gale force winds/blinding sunlight and b) I can’t be arsed to do photo editing, I’m on holiday. But trust me on this, they taste incredible. The fish is perf and those chips, I can hardly describe them, but they’re the exact opposite of every disappointing chip you’ve ever eaten. They’re £7-ish a portion.

The best fish and chips in cornwall

Those are mine, I had my fish battered as opposed to grilled because I am who I am, get into it. So, if you find yourself in St. Ives, hit up this place:

the best fish and chips in cornwall

You’re welcome.

In other foodie news, The Digey is pretty decent. We went there for coffee this morning and picked up some sensational quiche to take to the beach for lunch.

The Digey St. Ives           The Digey St. Ives

Also well worth a look is Moomaid of Zennor, fittest ice cream in town for sure. Cute little cranny to shelter from whatever weather St. Ives throws at you while you lick it too.

Moomaid of Zennor           Moomaid of Zennor

OK that’s it for food stuff, if you don’t wanna see any holiday snaps then it’s probably time for you to go but if you do then you are so in luck, I have a few good ones already.

IMG_3573_2           Poldark

Me and the pooch (right) and a POLDARK shop window display, they saw me coming (left)

St. Ives

Desperately trying to get a tan (I don’t appear to have been successful as yet)

St. Ives           St. Ives

General gorgeous St. Ives-ness

St. Ives

Tonights entertainment was drinking a bottle of wine across several benches with various beautiful views, cheaper than the pub eh. 

That’s it from me today! I’m sure I’ll have plenty more for you this week so make sure you keep an eye on your inbox, meanwhile you can see things as they happen on my vaaaaarious social media channels which are linked just below. 

Have you got any St. Ives recommendations? Chuck em over, I’m here all week!

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