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Review | Porthmeor Beach Cafe

I’ve been updating you here and there on our antics in St. Ives (which, sadly, are over) by giving you highlights spread across one or two days. I began to write a third update including the Porthmeor Beach Cafe but decided it was far too important and needed a post all of its own.

It’s not often that I review restaurants, mostly because I eat out so rarely in favour of cooking at home, but I think if somebody Googles “the best restaurant in St. Ives” I really, really want them to find this place. Therefore felt it my duty to write about it.

We arrived, slightly tipsy from one or two cocktails at The Rum and Crab Shack at 6pm. I know, 6pm is a hideously uncool time to eat dinner at a restaurant but it was the only slot we could nab for one of the stunning outdoor booths.

It was really very tricky to capture the magic of our table on my iPhone, but I tried my very best..

Porthmeor Beach Cafe Review Cate in the Kitchen

Beautifully (naturally) lit, clean, spacious. It’s the best seat in the house, and by “house” here I genuinely mean the entirety of St. Ives as far as I know it. Zero exaggeration happening here, this is the view:

Porthmeor Beach Cafe Review Cate in the Kitchen

The newly(ish) refurbished deck and quite literally stunning views meant that The Porthmeor Beach Cafe could probably have gotten away with serving mediocre food. Even if each dish had been awful, we would have had a perfectly lovely time just staring at the sea. That’s why we were both blown away by just how good each and every mouthful was.

Our main courses had us both very quiet for a good ten minutes. Aside from the occasional interjection of “oh my god” and “this” and “wow”, all that could be heard from our table was clink of cutlery.

Mum reckons it’s the best thai red prawn curry she’s ever had, I’ll take her word for it. My chicken was perfectly seasoned and cooked, the green beans had that gorgeous bite that so many places miss so sorely and the salad was gorgeous – date and feta, a combination that will be happening much more often from now on in my own kitchen. The hummus – presumably made in house although I didn’t ask – was bang on, and there was enough of it.

St Ives Porthmeor Beach Cafe Review Moroccan Chicken

Moroccan chicken, hummus, green beans, date and feta salad | £13.50

Thai Red Prawn Curry St Ives Porthmeor Cafe Bar

Thai red prawn curry | £14.80

We’re not always the kind of girls that have dessert when we’re eating out, but it was kind of a no brainer after we’d eaten the above. Because they’re technically a part of the tapas menu, they’re perfectly sized so as not to make you feel as though you need to unbutton something.

My churros were gorgeous, a little shorter and chubbier than I’m used to, but everything lived up to expectations in terms of taste and they were gorgeously crisp on the outside with a perfect fluffy centre – although I might have preferred a slightly darker chocolate sauce, but that’s a personal thing. Mum’s chocolate tart was more savoury that sweet which is right up her street. I’m only now realising that I didn’t bloody try any.

Churros Porthmeor Beach Cafe Review St Ives

Churros | £4

Chocolate Tart St Ives Porthmeor Cafe Bar Review

Salted chocolate and olive oil tart | £4

We might have stopped there, had it not been for the extremely promising cheese course. The menu boasted the best blue cheese in the world and a brie that was handmade using only cornish double cream, could you have said no?

Cheese board St Ives Porthmeor Cafe Bar

2 cheeses | £7.50

The brie was just heaven on earth. So creamy, so delicious, I want to find out where I can get some so that I can eat it every day forever. I’m not convinced that either dried apricots or strawberries have a place on a cheeseboard, but otherwise this was the ideal end to a wonderful meal.

The food was sensational, the restaurant itself is beautiful with awe-inspiring views and our waitress was chatty, helpful and friendly. The atmosphere is just right, and it appears to be frequented by both tourists and locals alike.

Basically, if you’re in St. Ives, you need to go. And be sure to book one of those booths.

Porthmeor Beach 
St Ives
TR26 1JZ

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